Altlast4Web: Geodata + Business Processes

Unsere Präsentation von der diesjährigen AGIT mit dem Thema Geodaten zur Steuerung komplexer und langfristiger Geschäftsprozesse  Beispiel Altlasten-Vollzug in der Schweiz ist zum Download verfügbar.

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Reporting mit Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft wird als Reportingtool in unseren Anwendungen eingesetzt.

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Software for the environment

Our environmental software focuses on interoperability, durability and user-friendliness.

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Model-compliant data checking with the ilivalidator

INTERLIS is a powerful tool for the standardized description and description and exchange of geodata. Despite the wide INTERLIS and the anchoring in ordinances (GeoIV-swisstopo) there are still there are still gaps in the software tools that support INTERLIS. support. The ilivalidator, which was released in 2016 as open source software for the validation of INTERLIS data, has closed one of these gaps. closed.

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Altlast4Web Go Live in Lucerne

The number of our customers for Altlast4Web software continues to grow. In August 2020, we will welcome the canton of Lucerne as a further customer in productive in productive operation. The changeover took place in the first half of 2020 at a record record speed.

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Adding type hints to existing code in Python

The Python interpreter handles types in a dynamic and flexible way without constraints on what type of object a variable is assigned to. Since Python 3.5 programmers have the option to add type annotations to their code. Here we how it's done.

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Next.js Routing with Nginx

Automatically generate a Nginx routing configuration for static Next.js projects.

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