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Our apps and information systems intelligently link factual data with geodata and maps. The bandwidth ranges from data analysis and visualization to information systems and business solutions to complete server infrastructures. In technical terms, our focus lies on the environment, mobility, public transport and logistics. Our services include IT consulting, software development, system operation and the provision of web services.


Maps for mobility and public transport.
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With our routing service you can find the routes and lines for public transport vehicles, for cars and trucks as well as for pedestrians.
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SBB maps and station plans

Maps and station plans for the entire public transport in Switzerland.

Live Maps

Live Maps show the positions of public transport vehicles on a map. In addition to the map visualization, the processing of the vehicle positions creates precise forecasts for travelers.

Software for the environment

Our environmental software focuses on interoperability, durability and user-friendliness.
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With Cartaro we offer a content management system tailored to manage and publish spatial data.

Developer Portal

Our developer portal offers a modular system of web services and open source software for your application.

Incident and construction site communication

When things don't run smoothly in public transport, it is crucial that travelers are informed quickly and transparently.
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Do it yourself plans

mapset allows easy creation of clear and visually appealing plans for public transport concerns.
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Transit Network Plans

Transit network plans give an easily grasped overview of the public transport offer. Our transit network plans are generated automatically from timetable data or similar source.
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TRALIS – hub for timetable and real-time data

Data integrator and data supplier, analysis pot, con­verter - the data hub is the basis for these and more functions


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