From backend to frontend: we are looking for reinforcement

You love to develop great software together with a great team? Your heart beats for Linux and open source technologies? You want to contribute with your work to solutions in the future topics of environment, mobility and public transport? Then please take a look at what we have to offer.

As a full-stack developer, you can let off steam in the entire technology stack. From the database to the frontend, you have our technologies under control and use them to develop complete applications. More...

As a backend developer, you control what our solutions do behind the scenes. You apply your expertise to provide frontends with data using lean, high-performance applications, or to make sophisticated algorithms that little bit better. More...

No matter which position interests you more, we can offer you an attractive working environment. You can choose between full- and part-time and, to a large extent, decide for yourself whether you want to work at home or in one of our offices in Olten or Fribourg. If you choose to work in the office, you will enjoy the beautiful, modernly designed premises and be able to help yourself to our range of drinks and fruit. You will find geOps to be an effective place to work, enabling us to achieve our goals together while creating space for relaxation, self-determination and enjoyment at work.

written by Uli Müller | 5/31/2022
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Adding type hints to existing code in Python

The Python interpreter handles types in a dynamic and flexible way without constraints on what type of object a variable is assigned to. Since Python 3.5 programmers have the option to add type annotations to their code to check whether variable types are valid. In this blog entry we show you how it's done.

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Next.js Routing with Nginx

Automatically generate a Nginx routing configuration for static Next.js projects.

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Migrating from enzyme to testing-library/react

We have rewritten our frontend unit tests from using enzyme to testing-library/react. This article provides a quick overview of the updates.

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mapset 2.0 with MUI

mapset 2.0 has been widely refactored using the open-source react component library MUI (Material-UI).

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Set up Django to only allow CORS requests in DEBUG mode

This post is about how to set up a Django project to only allow CORS requests in DEBUG mode, even if they require a login to the backend. In our case, this has been useful to test frontend customizations on the internal dev environment without having to start the backend locally.

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Werkzeuge für schönere Python-Projekte

Dieser Blog-Beitrag skizziert den aktuellen Setup von pre-commit hooks, statischer Code-Analyse-Tools (Flake8, Black) und Abhängigkeitsmanagement (setuptools, pip-tools) für Python-Projekte bei geOps.

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