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Although we are mostly digital, we can also do "paper". In July 2021, we created a brochure that primarily shows our Swiss customers in the public transport sector what solutions we offer in terms of web maps and traveler information systems.

We have put together some links here that you can use to test the offerings described in the brochure for yourself.

You are welcome to request your personal printed copy of the brochure by sending an e-mail to You can download the brochure as a PDF here.

written by Uli Müller | 7/12/2021
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Digital maps of travelcard validty

The map of the areas of validity of Generalabo, Half-Fare Card and other Swiss public transport season tickets is now available as a true digital version. The map, which was previously maintained manually and produced as a PDF or printed folding map, has been replaced by an automatically generated, dynamic web map.

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SBB maps and station plans

Maps and station plans for the entire public transport in Switzerland.

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Transit Network Plans

Transit network plans give an easily grasped overview of the public transport offer. Our transit network plans are generated automatically from timetable data or similar source.

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With Cartaro we offer a content management system tailored to manage and publish spatial data.

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The new tariff association map of Switzerland

With the tariff association map, we provide information on the location and networking of the public transport tariff communities in Switzerland. Read here about the contents of the map and the "making of".

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Offers informations in IABP

geOps develops for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) in the context of the the Interactive Railway Station Plan (IABP) as part of the Trafimage mandate. This helps as as a stand-alone application or as an integrated map on to help SBB customers with orientation in and around the station.

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