Swiss transit schedule data available as GTFS

On our site we provide regularly updated GTFS feeds containing public transit data of Switzerland for free download. The feeds are based on the official Swiss schedule that is being published in the HAFAS format. We download and convert the data each week shortly after publication on and convert them to GTFS. So you will find new data every Tuesday (only in case of a holiday publication of the original data as well as that of the GTFS feeds may be postponed).

The GTFS format makes transit schedule data easier to implement for developers. GTFS has a more transparent structure than the original HAFAS data. It is easier to use and to extend and is much better documented. CSV, which is at the base of GTFS, can be read form machines as well as from humans. Moreover there is a large set of tools for visualizing, validating and modifying GTFS. Open Source route finders as e.g. OTP require GTFS as the only supported input format.

The version of the feed available for free download does not contain every bit of information present in the original data. For every need that goes beyond the public download we are happy to offer our individual services. These include value adding in the following fields:

All data can be provided as one-time conversions as well as in the form of regularly updated data services. Please contact us for further information.

written by Uli Müller | 6/25/2014
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