SBB station map

In the course of launching a new marketing strategy for their railway stations SBB decided to make access to information more comfortable and more attractive. The result is a beautiful map that can be seen in action on central pages of the SBB website.


Stations can be found by means of a full text search or by navigating the map. The map supports four languages and integrates seamlessly with the SBB site. It runs on desktop browsers as well as on tablets.

The map is part of the Trafimage map series of SBB. We are happy about the successful project and thank SBB for the order.

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SBB maps and station plans

Maps and station plans for the entire public transport in Switzerland.

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Offers informations in IABP

geOps develops for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) in the context of the the Interactive Railway Station Plan (IABP) as part of the Trafimage mandate. This helps as as a stand-alone application or as an integrated map on to help SBB customers with orientation in and around the station.

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Live Maps

Live Maps show the positions of public transport vehicles on a map. In addition to the map visualization, the processing of the vehicle positions creates precise forecasts for travelers.

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Transit Network Plans

Transit network plans give an easily grasped overview of the public transport offer. Our transit network plans are generated automatically from timetable data or similar source.

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Discuss the future of local transport from 04-09 September at STATION Berlin.

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Direct Connections Europe - new Line Network Map

A city trip to Venice or an important business meeting in Berlin? That can be reached comfortably and in an environmentally friendly way by train. There are direct day and night connections to European cities from various Swiss stations. Our "Direct connections to Europe" map for SBB illustrates this in a visually appealing way with a route network map.

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